Message from President
Dr. R. Muralidharan

"Set High Standards Join Hands Achieve and Flourish"

Dear Members,

Greetings from Dindigul !!!

I take great pride and privilege in penning down this President's message. I'd like to first of all thank each and everyone for having elected me as the President of this prestigious Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association for the year 2018-19. Serving this Association on behalf of all the members, is like a dream come true for me.

You must all be well aware of my theme for this year, which is "KEEP HIGH STANDARDS - JOIN HANDS - ACHIEVE AND FLOURISH".

Hence, as the theme suggests, I would like each and every member of TNOA to contribute. To achieve this theme, I'd like to follow a route map, which I've already spoken to you all, during the occasion of TNOACON 2018 at Nagercoil. All of the agendas that I'm proposing here are based on the difficulties in practice that my colleagues and I encountered over the years.

My first agenda was the launch of the TNOA Video Journal App. The list of orthopaedic surgeries is exhaustive, hence this app is systematically divided for easy access for the viewers. My objective of launching this app is to keep refreshing the common surgical procedures and learn new techniques. Hence kindly contribute generously to the growth of the app. Record your videos of the common day to day orthopaedic procedures/surgeries and mail them to the Co-ordinator Committee. Doubts regarding surgeries/procedures can be asked to the operating surgeon. This will enable a healthy exchange of knowledge and wisdom from surgeon to surgeon and will benefit the juniors in a big way.

My next agenda is the formation of a regional expert committee, formed with the objective of encouraging group practice. With the increase in public awareness about Consumer Protection Act, it's really sad to see the way doctors are being treated by the media and public. In order to save our skin, group practice is required so that the junior surgeons may be guided in the right direction under the leadership of the Committee. Complicated cases can always be discussed and planned before surgery. A helping hand during surgery, reduces the stress and burden on the main surgeon.

My third agenda will be the launch of a Tamil Medical Dictionary. Case sheet documentation of essential medical terms has become mandatory, especially in the regional language. Hence my Tamil expert team will come up with a Medical Dictionary focusing on medical terminologies.

My last agenda is to promote innovation and research in the form of instrument designing. I've already spoken with 2 implant companies who have agreed to make available instruments, which can be customized as per the surgeon's convenience. Modifications of already existing instruments and absolutely new instruments can be designed by you and manufactured by the company. So pour in your ideas and let them get converted into action.

I take this opportunity to once again thank every member of TNOA for having trusted and confided in me. As the old saying goes, "United we stand, divided we fall", let us all contribute for the growth of TNOA.



Dr. R. Muralidharan
President TNOA 2018-19