T N O A :: Activities 2017
Message from Secretrary
Dr. A. Francis Roy,

Dear teachers, senior members and friends,

Greetings from Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association!

Its with immense pleasure that I start my tenure as the honorary secretary of our esteemed association. We are at an era where we Orthopaedicians face immense pressure and obstacles at work. The government passes stringent and stricter policies, the press and media highlight us negatively with our own patients reacting violently under unforeseen circumstances. At these crossroads, UNITY remains our biggest strength with the TNOA being the sign of our joined hands. The last year membership has seen a giant leap, with 138 new members, proof of trust in our association. However, more than one third of us are non members. Let us do a simple policy of "One Member One new Member". By this induction new members will double in one year.

In the current medico-legal & NABH guided era, there is focus on communication and documentation. Unfortunately our mother tongue Tamil falls short to explain our Orthopaedic terminologies. This year, with a team of Tamil lovers like myself, TNOA has embarked on a mission to create a Tamil lexicon. This will contain the Tamil words of our clinical Orthopaedic terms in anatomy and surgery. We hope that this will add more clarity to our counselling and consents. Academically, TNOA has applied for indexing our TNOA journal where the articles can be peer reviewed, published and become available for citations.

Enhancing knowledge of our doctors has always been a fundamental commitment and this will continue during my tenure too. To help spread the reach of academic activities in both urban and sub urban areas, we are increasing the number of zones from 9 to 11. I request the Executive members in charge of each zone conduct not just as CMEs and seminars but name these programme as Operative courses, hands on workshops and clinical case meetings. Let the districts with postgraduates also hold more Crash courses, Seminars in Basic sciences, Research Methodology and Quiz to improve their exam performance. Practitioners will benefit from recent updates in Medico legal aspects and Hospital administration. In each program, we request you to use the logo and President's theme of TNOA & IOA.

TNOA is the most active branch having bagged the AK Gupta trophy two years in a row. With your enthusiasm and team work, I look forward to hattrick win. To quote the late Stephen Hawkins 'Intelligence is the ability to adapt'. TNOA is committed to helping us adapt to the ever-changing environment. Do let me know how more we can serve you. Your comments are most welcome. You can reach me through mail secretarytnoa1820@gmail.com.

With warm regards & best wishes

Dr. A. Francis Roy

Secretary – TNOA.