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I O A Fellowships
Indian Orthopaedic Association has a very long history, of having served the members by number of excellent activities, for the upliftment of the profession and its members. Organizing fellowships is one of the important activities. Many senior members have worked hard, to get them sponsored, by well wishers of the Association with a view to attain excellence in their chosen field. Members are requested to take advantage of these fellowships.

Indian Orthopaedic Association offers these fellowships to its members to help them visit various centres, attain training and attend conferences in India and Abroad.

Guidelines to the applicant

  1. Only Life and Full members of IOA, without any dues, are eligible.
  2. One set of the application comprising of Curriculum Vitae, Bio-data, and the relevant authenticated Xerox copies of the documents must reach the fellowship secretary before September 30 every for Foreign Fellowships and March 31 every year for Inland Fellowship (30th April 2004 for this year). Authenticated Xerox copy of Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate or Passport must be attached for age verification of the applicant.
  3. Original Certificates must not be submitted as they will not be returned.
  4. A member can be selected for only one of the overseas / foreign fellowships. Those who have availed a foreign fellowship of IOA are not eligible to apply for another foreign fellowship.
  5. Applicant must apply for only one fellowship.
  6. Any change in address / phone no. must be immediately informed to the fellowship secretary.
  7. Any wrong information or canvassing will disqualify the applicant.
  8. Only written communication will be entertained.
  9. Only selected candidate will be informed.
  10. Application must be sent by registered post only, and no receipt will be sent.
  11. Authentication must be by a Gazetted officer, Head of the institute, Current President or Secretary of the State Chapter to which the applicant belongs.Applicant must have a valid passport and shall obtain Visa to travel in proper time for foreign fellowship.


  1. Johnson & Johnson Fellowship
  2. Robert Roaf Fellowship
  3. IOA | Dr. S.S. Babhulkar Fellowship
  4. IOA | Dr. G.S. Kulkarni Fellowship
  5. WOC | SICOT: IOA Inland Fellowship
  6. IOA- Panacea Biotec Grant in aid for basic science research.
  7. IOA-INOR Grant in aid for development of Implant/Instrument

Applications are to be sent to Inland Fellowship Secretary by 31st March every year (30 April 2004 for this year)


  1. INOR fellowship : To attend the BOA annual meeting in 2004
  2. Depuy Johnson & Johnson fellowship : To work in any arthroplasty centre outside the country of the selected candidate's choice
  3. IOA-Dr. R.L. Mittal Fellowship for SICOT Conference 2005.
  4. AAOS fellowship: The selected candidate from India to attend American Academy Meeting in the U.S.

Applications are to be sent to Foreign Fellowship Secretary by 30th September every year. (For INOR fellowship of 2004 : 30th April 2004)

The Johnson & Johnson / Robert Roaf Travelling Fellowship


To expose young orthopaedic surgeons to different orthopaedic problems and their solutions in different situations and facilities.

To expose young surgeons to senior orthopaedic surgeons with a view to interact, gain knowledge of attitudes and philosophy of work, skills. Organization of department and clinics etc. establish rapport with orthopaedic surgeons for future interaction and to make lasting friendships along the way.


The fellowship committee selects four young surgeons from applicants <40 years of age by the deadline of application. Two surgeons for the three J & J fellowships are selected from the teaching stream. The Robert Roaf Fellow is essentially a non teaching fellow.

The four fellows travel for a period between 4-6 weeks starting from the Venue of the IOACON. They visit the four metro cities Viz, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi and atleast two other smaller centres, decided by rotation, during their travel.


Currently M/S Johnson & Johnson Ltd. sponsor the J & J Fellowship by an annual fund of Rs. Forty Thousand. The Robert Roaf fellowship gives a amount of Rs.The available Sum of money is enough to cover the travelling expenses of the fellows from their places, through the fellowship centres and back, and to cover some miscellaneous expenses. The centres visited finance the fellows visit on their own.


These are detailed separately.


The points earned by an applicant are tabulated by the inland fellowship Secretary and passed on to members of the fellowship committee for final selection. The fellowship committee comprises of

  • President of IOA
  • President elect of IOA
  • Two immediate past presidents of the IOA
  • Hon. Secretary of IOA
  • Inland and Foreign fellowship Secretaries.
  • Editor of the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics.


Nine sets of applications properly formatted as per format given and with the required certification should be submitted to the Inland fellowship Secretary by 31st March every year.

The application will be scrutinized and passed on to the fellowship committee for final selection and applications intimated by 30th September 2003

The Dr. S.S. Babhulkar Fellowship


To expose selected young Orthopaedic Surgeons to subspecialty centre in Orthopaedics for period of 4-6 weeks.


Orthopaedic Surgeons younger than 40 years of age can apply by the deadline of application. The selected applicant indicates the subspecialist / centre where he wishes to work. The Inland Fellowship Secretary coordinates the arrangement.


A corpus fund of 2 lacs exists 60-75% of the accrued annual interest (approximately Rs. Thirteen Thousand) will be spent on the fellowship to support the fellows travel and other expenses the remaining interest shall be deposited towards the corpus fund.

The Dr. G.S. Kulkarni Fellowship


To expose selected young Orthopaedic Surgeons to subspecialty centre in deformity correction for period of 4-6 weeks.


Orthopaedic Surgeons younger than 40 years of age can apply by the deadline of application. The selected applicant indicates the subspecialist / centre where he wishes to work. The Inland Fellowship Secretary coordinates the arrangement.


A corpus fund of 2 lacs exists 60-75% of the accrued annual interest (approximately Rs. Thirteen Thousand) will be spent on the fellowship to support the fellows travel and other expenses the remaining interest shall be deposited towards the corpus fund.


  • These are the same as for the J & J / Robert Fellowship.
  • Candidates have to apply by 31st March every year.
  • For year 2004 date has been extended to 30.4.2004).


The India is pleased to inform that during the last SICOT meeting at San Diego, approval has been made for 15 traveling fellowships for members of IOA to travel to centres of excellence within India to be trained in a sub-speciality of their interest (Trauma, Spine Surgery, Arthroscopy, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Arthroplasty, Oncology and General Orthopaedics). The fellowship carries a fellowship amount of Rs. 7,500/- towards travel, accommodation and subsidence. The fellowship for duration of 3 to 6 weeks depending upon the convenience of the fellow and the center to which he wishes to travel. The selection will be done through the IOA and the applicant should send 3 copies of his CV clearly stating his field of interest and his preferred center for training.

Fellows will travel separately to the centers chosen by them. After selection by the IOA, the WOC-India will liaison with the centers for appropriate dates.

Apply to: Dr. Ashok Johari, MUMBAI-400016

The fellows will not travel together. Each fellow will travel separately to his center of choice at a mutual convenient date for himself and the trainer.


To complete the full tenure of the fellowship responsibly. To follow the guidelines provided by the Inland Fellowship Secretary and all local fellowship coordinators of the centres visited.

To submit a completion report to the Inland Fellowship Secretary within a month of completion of the fellowship.




  1. A sum of Rs. 15,000 from the interest from corpus fund of Rs. Two lacs will be awarded as a grant-in-aid for short research project analysis of which can be completed within a maximum period of 15 months.
  2. These fellowships are open to all life members of IOA or full members of more than 5 years standing in IOA without arrears.
  3. Applications shall be invited for the research grant fellowship in January News letter IOA. Last date for receipt of applications by Inland Fellowship Secretary will be 31st March of same year.
  4. Eight copies of brief outline of proposed project in maximum 500 words should be submitted along with one set of biodata of the members. The out lines should include:
    • Title of the project.
    • Principal worker.
    • Co-worker (s) if any.
    • Institution in which the work shall be undertaken.
    • Permission from concerned authority, if required. Yes/No (submit a copy of the same)
    • Total projected expenses.
    • Time schedule for completion of project (Maximum time limit is 15 months. Project should preferably be of 12 months duration to give time for unexpected delays)
    • Has any past work been done already.
    • Details of the project (in 300 words).
    • How will the project help in
      • Furthering medical knowledge, especially as related to Orthopaedics.
      • Better under standing of the principles and practice of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.
      • Other
  5. The final selection shall be done by executive committee in its meeting in May. One member shall be selected and one kept as standby. The inland fellowship Secretary shall intimate the selected member latest by 15th of June and shall seek his acceptance for carrying out the project and completing by end of September of following year. He should make an undertaking that he shall present his work as a short paper of 10 and 12 minutes duration with 3 minutes for discussion in the IOACON of same year of submission of completed project in a special session for research grant projects Rs. 7,500/- shall be awarded at time of confirmation of above.

    The remaining sum of Rs. 7,500/- along with a certificate shall be awarded to him after his presentation. A representative of the M/s Panacea Biotech Ltd / INOR Ltd shall be present on dais during this presentation.


  1. The companies shall have no right over the project or the subsequent results. However, the author shall be free to collaborate with the company directly for further continuation of the project, after its presentation in the IOACON.
  2. The views and remarks given by the author shall be his own and the IOA is not responsible. The results shall not be endorsed on behalf of IOA by the author or the company.

INOR Fellowship

The fellowship is sponsored by INOR Orthopaedics. Fellow attends BOA annual meeting in UK. The fellowship covers the exact cost of to and fro air fare for the travel of the fellow from Mumbai / Delhi to London and back. He has to register for the BOA Annual meeting and manage himself in UK on his own.

Depuy (Johnson & Johnson) Fellowship

This fellowship is sponsored by Depuy (Johnson & Johnson) to enable to the selected candidates to visit and work in arthroplasty centre outside the country.

I.O.A. | R.L. Mittal Fellowship

for SICOT Conference Members of IOA who are not more than 45 years of age on the day prior to the start of SICOT congress are eligible to apply. An authenticated proof of age has to be submitted by the applicant.

  1. The applicant must possess post graduate degree such as M.S. (Ortho.) or equivalent qualification as recognized by M.C.I.
  2. Acceptance of a lecture or an oral Free Paper will be essential for selection for this fellowship and proof of its acceptance has to be submitted by the applicant for this award. (For the year 2002 this clause is not applicable).
  3. A panel of three names will be prepared and the most eligible will be finally selected. For this fellowship, Dr. R.L.Mittal will also be one of the members of the existing Foreign Fellowship Committee. The foreign fellowship secretary will start the process of selection at least one year in advance so as to finish in time. 10 copes of the application, duly completed along with the requisite documents (attested by a gazetted officer or a past president of IOA i.e. degrees professional experience, list of National & International publications including books along with reprints his/her best publications, presentation at regional, national and international conferences-oral (Lecture or free paper), poster, video etc with proofs should be submitted by the applicant by registered post only.
    A lump sum grant of 80% of the interest or Rs. 50,000/- which ever is less will be given by the IOA as a partial financial assistance to the selected candidate, who will himself be responsible to arrange for his Passport, Visa, Registration for the conference, Travel, stay and maintenance during the conference. The 20% of the interest of the amount saved will be added to the corpus, 50% amount can be availed by the selected candidate before the Conference. (This year only 20,000/- shall be awarded).
    A certificate will be awarded to the fellow at the next IOA annual conference, after the SICOT meet. The fellow will submit a report within a month of his return from the conference, mentioning the benefit to him from activities of the conference as well as his contribution. He will only taken be paid the rest of the 50% of the amount of the fellowship. The report will be published in the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics.

AAOS fellowship

The selected candidate from India will attend the American Academy Meeting in the US (This is subject to final selection from candidates recommended from other Countries).

Two Foreign Fellowships are available

  1. INOR Fellowship
  2. IOA - R L Mittal fellowship for the SICOT Conference

Application for Foreign Fellowship

Download application forms and more details or contact Dr Shantaram Shetty - Secy, Foreign Fellowships

Click here to read the Report from the Chairman of the Foreign Fellowship Committee

Information regarding Inland Fellowship

Two fellowships are available.

  1. The Johnson & Johnson / Robert Roaf travelling Fellowship
  2. The Dr S S Babhulkar Fellowship

Application for Inland Fellowship

Please contact Dr Ashok Johari - Secy, Inland Fellowship

Click here to read the Report from the Chairman, Inland Fellowship Committee

Click to know more about IOA Panacea Biotec Research Grant For basic research in Orthopaedic Surgery and Inor Grant- in-Aid For development of Orthopaedic instruments and implants.

Report from the Chairman of the Foreign Fellowship Committee

This is the final selection list for the different foreign fellowships as selected by the majority of the panel

The fellowships were announced in lOA conference 2002 held at Patna

  • INOR Fellowship - Dr. SK Saraf
  • AAOS Fellowship - Dr. Vijay Goni
  • DePey - Dr. KC Pandey

       Prof. M. Shantharam Shetty Chairman,
       Foreign Fellowship Committee, lOA

Report from the Chairman, Inland Fellowship Committee

  1. The selection criteria for Inland Fellowship of the lOA has been streamlined.
  2. The Johnson & Johnson and Roaf Travelling Fellowship :  7 applications were received. Last date of application was extended from 31st March 02 to 15th September 02. The following were selected.
    • Dr. Alok C. Agrawal, Jabalpur
    • Dr. N.C. Mohapatra, Cuttack
    • Dr. V.V. Killampalli, Chennai
    • Dr. Sanjay Jain, Jabalpur
    • Dr. Zile Singh Kundu is first on the wait list
    Dr. Lalit Maini's application was not considered as he had availed the SICOT fellowship of lOA Dr. RS Kulkarni too was not considered as he was above 40 years of age at the time of application.
    They start the fellowship on 11th November 2002 at lOA annual conference, Patna, they will be visiting Kolkata, Varanasi, Delhi and Chennai ending their travel at Mumbai on 13th December 2002. All arrangements for their travel and accommodation have been made and the coordinators at the respective centres / cities are trying their best to ensure that the fellows have an educative and enjoyable visit.
  3. Dr. SS Babhulkar Fellowship
    • For the year 2001, Dr. Nalli Uvaraj of Chennai was chosen as Dr. SS Babhulkar Fellow
    • For the year 2002, one application has been received Dr. Anil K. Bhat, Asstt. Professor of Orthopaedics, KMC, Manipal. He, thus has been selected unanimously.
  4. Asoke Sengupta Visiting Professorship
    No application has been received has been no activity from the centres desirous of services of a visiting professor or from an Orthopaedic teacher at such a centre

Dr Ashok Johari Chairman,
Inland Fellowship Committee