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T N O A Fellowships
There are two Travelling Fellowships organised by the Society.
  • Professor A.Selvapandian - T.N.O.A. Travelling Fellowship
  • Dr.Muralidharan - Vanasekar - T.N.O.A. Travelling Fellowship
  • The Selection of Fellows will be by the Fellowship Committee consisting of

    • The President, Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association
    • The Secretary, Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association
    • The Fellowship Secretary, Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association.
    • For the Prof. A. Selvapandian fellowship the HOD. Dept. of Orthopaedics, CMC, Vellore would be Consulted.

  • Eligibility to Apply for Fellowship

    Only Life Members of the Society, without any dues to the Society will be eligible to apply for the Fellowship Only candidates with Masters Degree (M.S.Ortho) OR Diplomat of National Board Degree are eligible for Travelling Fellowship-1.

    Candidates with D.Ortho qualification are eligible for Fellowship-2.

    The age limit of applicant is 45 years or less as on 1st December of each year.

    Out of the two Fellowships selected, one should be from a Teaching Institution and the other from non-Teaching Hospital for Fellowship-1. Member selected in the past for the Society Fellowship is not eligible to apply.
  • Selection Process

    The Fellowship Secretary calls for application in Quadruplicate and forwards a copy to every Member of the Fellowship Committee. For the Fellowships, two candidates for each of the fellowships are selected. As it may not be possible for all the three Members of this Committee to come together, always a Report on each candidate is prepared by the Fellowship Secretary and sent to the President and Secretary.

    The Fellowship Committee will then decide the Candidates for the Fellowship in consultation with the President and Secretary, on the basis of their respective Reports. Applications for Fellowship are called for during the First day of November, every year. The last date for receipt of Completed Applications will be the first day of December. On the completion of the Fellowship Programme, Fellow submits Report of the Training he had undergone in the Annual General Body Meeting of the T.N.O.A. Conference.
  • Criteria for Selection

    Selection to the Fellowships will be made in accordance with the evaluation pattern hereto mentioned
    • One mark for each for every year completed after required qualification, subject to a maximum of 10 marks.
    • Publications by the applicant attracting award of marks are as follow.
      Articles published in T.N.O.A. Journal                     1 Mark
      Articles published in Journal of Indian Orthopaedics 2 Marks
      Articles Published in International Journal               5 Marks
      Maximum Marks under this category 10
    • Paper presentations in the conferences of T.N.O.A.,I.O.A,I.O.A. Sub-speciality attracts 1 & 3 Marks respectively. Presentation in International Conference will fetch 5 Marks. Maximum under this category is restricted to 10.
    • Special Marks may be awarded for Award Winners (University Media / Medal awarded during National and State Conference) - 5 Marks each, but not more than 10 Marks on the whole.