T N O A :: Medals
S.No  Name of Medal
1 TNOA Prof. M. Natarjan Medal for trauma
2 TNOA Prof. C. Vyageswarudu Medal for Orthopaedics
3 TNOA Propf. T.K.Shanmugasundaram Medql for Rural Cebntres
4 TNOA Propf. A. Subramaniam Medal for Basic EResearch
5 TNOA Porf. P. Dhanarajan Medal for Innovation in trauma
6 TNOA Prof. M. Ramanathan Medal for Consultants
7 TNOA Prof. T.S.Xavier Medal f Hand
8 TNOA Erode Ortho Club Best Poster Award
9 TNOA Journal Best Publication Award
10 TNOA KMC PG Quiz Award Winners
11 TNOA KMC PG Quiz Award Runners Up
12 TNOA Dr. K.R.Venkateshwar PG Fellowship Award
13 TNOA Choalamandalam Post Graduate Research Fund
M.N. Gold Medal for fractures

Vyageswaradu Gold Medal for Orthopaedics

Upper age Limit : 35 years.

Should be a member of TNOA and should have registered for the Conference.

     Papers with good materials and with minimum two years follow-up will be entertained. Single case reports and papers with short follow-up will not be considered for medal papers.

     Decision of inclusion of paper for the above medal is at the discretion of the scientific committee. Time for presentation is 8 minutes. For discussion, time allowed is 2 minutes. A delegate can present only one paper.

Prof. T.K. Shanmugasundaram Gold Medal for non-teaching Institutions

For Prof. T.K. Shanmugasundaram Medal, papers from rural centres without teaching facility only will be entertained.

Prof.A. Subramanian Gold Medal for original Research work

Papers are invited for the above medal which involves studies in cadaveric, Bio-mechanical, Microbiological, design fabrication of instruments and implants etc. There is no age limit.

Members desirous of participating in the above Gold Medal papers shall mark on their abstract form that the presentation is for consideration for the completion. The judges can be finalized by the local Organising Committee with the consultation of the President and Secretary. The judges, are requested to hand over the judgment to the Secretary immediately after the completion. The judges, in consultation with each other, may decide not to award the gold medal if no presentation is found to be of a standard befitting the competitions.

The result of the competition shall be announced during the valedictory Function of the conference. The medal shall be presented by the President.

Prof.P.Dhanarajan Gold Medal for Innovative Orthopaedic and Trauma work

Prof.P.Dhanarajan Gold Medal is awarded to the best paper on Innovation in Orthopedic and trauma work. It may be a new technique or any other innovation like implant design etc. There is no age limit.

S.No Medal  Winner
1 Best Ortho Club - Metro Madras Orthopaedic Society
2 Best Ortho Club – Non-metro Midwest Ortho Society
3 TNOA Prof M. Natarajan Medal for Trauma Dr G T Sai Prasanth, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
4 TNOA Prof Vyagareswaradu Medal for Orthopaedics Dr. Siddharth N Aiyer, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
5 TNOA Prof T. K. Shanmugasundaram Medal for Rural centres Dr. S Sundararajan, Udumalpet
6 TNOA Prof M. Ramanathan Medal for Consultants Dr. M. Subbiah, Velammal Medical College Hospital And Research Institute, Madurai
7 TNOA Prof A. Subramaniam Medal for Basic Research in Orthopaedics Dr Rishi Kanna, Ganga Hospital,Coimbatore
8 TNOA Prof P. Dhanarajan Medal for Innovative Techniques in Trauma Dr J Dheenadhayalan, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
9 TNOA Prof T. S. Xavier Medal for Hand Surgery Dr. P. Velmurugesan Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
10 TNOACON2017 Subspeciality Medals - Arthroscopy Dr. S. R. Venkateswaran, Stanley Medical College, Chennai
11 TNOACON2017 Subspecialty Medals - Arthroplasty Dr. George M Srampickal, CMC, Vellore
12 TNOACON2017 Subspeciality Medals - Spine Dr. C. S. Vishnu Prasath, SKS Hospitals, Salem
13 TNOACON2017 Subspeciality Medals - Paediatrics Dr. B. Sajjad Ali
14 TNOACON2017 Subspeciality Medals - Foot & Ankle Hospital, Madurai Dr.Guru Ragavendra, Devadoss Multispeciality
15 TNOACON2017 Subspeciality Medals - Oncology Dr. Anurag H Daxini, Madras Medical College, Chennai
16 TNOA– Erode Best Poster Medal Dr. Arjun Rajan, Government Royapettah Hospital, Chennai
17 TNOA Dr. Vidya Shankar Best Arthroplasty Poster Medal Dr. P. Vanaj Kumar, Preethi Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Madurai
18 TNOA Best Publication Award Dr. Muthukumar Balaji, Dr. Devadoss,
Multispeciality Hospital, Madurai
19 TNOA – Prof. R. Ramakrishnan Medal for Best Post Graduate Dr G T Sai Prasanth, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
20 TNOA-Dr. K. R. Venkateswar PG Fellowship Dr M Avinash, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
21 TNOA – KMC Ortho PG Quiz - Winners Dr. P. Manikantan, Dr. S. Ashok, Thanjavur Medical College
22 TNOA – KMC Ortho PG Quiz - Runners Dr. Avinash, Dr. Arul Raj, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
23 TNOA CHOLAMANDALAM Ortho PG GRANT Dr. S. R. Venkateswaran, Stanley Medical College,
Dr. G. Prashanth, Madurai Medical College