T N O A :: Instructions
Guidelines to Authors

Two Copies of the manuscript along with print version in MS word on a 1.44 Floppy and neat and clear illustrations should be submitted.

Preparation of manuscript : Type manuscript on white bond paper 22 X 28 cm with liberal margins of at least 2.5cm. Use double spacing including title page, abstract, text acknowledgements, references, tables and legends of illustrations. Begin each of the following sections on separate pages. Number pages consecutive, in the upper right corner of each page.

Title Page : the title page should contain
  • The title of the article which should be concise but informative,
  • A short running head of foot line of no more than 40 characters,
  • First name, Middle initial and last name of each author.
  • Name of department(s) and institution(s) to which the work should be attributed
  • Disclaimers, if any
  • Name and address of author responsible for correspondence,
  • The source of support in the form of grants, equipment, drugs, or all of these
Abstract: An informative abstract of about 150 words must accompany each manuscript, it should be suitable for use by abstracting journals and include data on the problem method and materials, results and conclusion.,

Key (Indexing) terms : Below the abstract, provide and identify as such, three to ten key words or short phrases that may be published with the abstract and that will assist indexers in cross-indexing your article. Use terms from the medical subject heading list from the index Medical whenever possible.

Introduction : Acquaint the readers with the problem and quote the most pertinent paper. Mention clearly the purpose of the work.

Material and methods : Explain clearly your clinical technical or experimental procedures. Previously published methods should be cited only in appropriate references.

Result : Describe your findings without comment. Include a concise textual description of the date presented in tables, Charts and figures.

Discussion : Comment on your results and relate them to those of other authors, define their significance for experimental research of clinical practice. Arguments must be well founded

Tables : Tables should be self-explanatory and should supplement, not duplicate the text. Type each table on a separate sheet with double space. Number tables consecutively with a brief title for each. Give each column a short abbreviated heading. place explanatory matter in foot-notes. if you use data from another published or unpublished source, obtain permission and acknowledge fully.

illustrations : Use only those illustration that clarify and increase understanding of the text. All illustration must be numbered and cited in the text. Two black and white glossy print photographs of each illustration should be submitted. The following information should be typed on a gummed label and affixed to the back of each illustration; figure number, l title of manuscript, name of senior author, and arrow indicating top. please do not write in ink at the back of the photograph. All illustration has to be sent a separate image files in a C.D.

Legends for illustrations for illustrations double - spaced, starting on separate page with Arabic numerals corresponding to the illustrations.

References : In the text should include only those that are important and have been studied in fully by the authors. care reports and other short submission should be sent in the format of a full paper including and abstract and captions.

All submission should be addressed to :all submissions to be made to the Editor, TNOA(Pl refer to News Letter for communication address or to tnoajournal@gmail.com.

Note: Kindly Visit the official website to the Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association (www.tnortho.org) for online submission of scientific material for publication in the Journal of Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association 2005