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O A S I S - Information
OASIS Report
Dr. R. Selvaraj, Vice President, OASIS(TN)
  • First EC Meeting of OASIS was held on 9th of April, 2017 at Haddows club, Chennai. TNOA President, Dr.S.Ramesh Babu and Vice President of OASIS (TN), Dr. R. Selvaraj attended the meeting.
  • The List of New Life Members of TNOA (105) along with the contribution towards OASIS (Rs.10500/) handed over to the Secretary General of OASIS.
  • OASIS Traumacon
    • Date – 5th, August, 2017
    • Venue: Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad
    • Organising Secretary – Dr. K. J. Reddy
    • Organised by TOSA (Telengana Orthopedic Surgeons Association)
  • OASIS Journal is in the process of getting indexed. Two journals will be released, one during OASISCON and the second during OASIS-Traumacon
  • OASIS EC Members
    • Each constituent State has 5 EC posts
    • TN EC Members are the President, President Elect and Secretary.
    • Two more members to be inducted
    • TNOA President has included Vice President of TNOA and Joint Secretary of TNOA as the EC Members of OASIS
  • OASISCON-2017
    • 17th OASISCON-2017 to be held in Manipal
    • Dates : Sep 1-3
    • Organising Chairman : Dr.Sharat Rao
  • Honoring of Senior Member
    • For 2017 – Senior member to be honoured from TN during OASIS -Dr. M. Chidambaram (Madurai)
    • Past President of TNOA (2007-08)
  • OASIS Secretary General
    • The turn to nominate Secretary General of OASIS is for Tamil Nadu. Dr. Nalli. R. Uvaraj, as decided by the GBM at Coimbatore was nominated to be the next Secretary General of OASIS
  • OASIS-Prof. S. S. K. Marthandam Oration Prof. R. H. Govardhan, Past President of TNOA and Past Secretary of IOA will be the OASIS-Prof.SSKM Orator as proposed by TNOA President Dr. S. Ramesh Babu.
  • OASIS PG Quiz
    • Team from Tamil Nadu to be nominated for OASIS PG Quiz
    • In a few States, only second year PGs are allowed to participate in the State Level PG Quiz so that the same winning team will participate in the OASIS as well as IOA level quiz programs also.
  • OASIS office bearers have to be invited to the State conferences.