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Constitution of the Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association
Rules and Regulations
  • Name
  •      The name of the Society shall be, The Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association herein after called the Association in these rules and regulations.It will be a state chapter of Indian orthopaedic association(IOA) as provided in the constitution of IOA and shall work on guidelines of IOA.

  • Objectives

  • The objectives of the association shall be the advancement of the science and art of Orthopaedic surgery and with that view inter alia to do the following.

    2.1 To facilitate the exchange of Scientific data and information among members both National Inter-National level.

    2.2 To encourage scientific discussion and read papers on Orthopaedic and allied subjects.

    2.3 To hold scientific discussion and read papers on Orthopaedic and allied subjects.

    2.4 To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures meetings and classes for Medical Practitioners / others for the purpose of directly or indirectly advancing the cause of Orthopaedic Surgery.

    2.5 To establish and maintain reference modern library / libraries relating to Orthopaedic Surgery.

    2.6 To provide instructions and education for the advancement of Orthopaedic Surgery among Medical Practitioners.

    2.7 To watch and advise on legislation affecting Orthopaedic Surgery and allied subjects.

    2.8 To advise other association / voluntary bodies/ Government agencies on matters affecting the interest and development of Orthopaedic Surgery including standarisation of instruments, implants and orthotic & Prosthetic appliances. Problems of rehabilitation and resettlement of physically handicapped, to advice on matters concerning teaching and training of medical students (Undergraduates and Postgraduates) and research in Orthopaedic Surgery and suggest ways and means for improving the training of the paramedical personnel.

    2.9 To establish contact / affiliations with other societies or association and exchange scientific information and collaborate with them in progress of common interest.

    2.10 To publish journals, proceedings, brochures, periodicals and abstracts pertaining to Orthopaedic surgery and allied subjects.

    2.11 To promote social and Professional contacts among the Orthopaedic surgeons of southern Indian and rest of India and the world at large.

    2.12 To encourage exhibitions of instruments, implants, tolls, appliances etc., connected with or pertaining to orthopaedic surgery and to attempt to improve such instruments and appliances for the special needs of this country.

    2.13 To receive donations and subscriptions and to hold the funds incrued for any particular purpose or purposes for the advancement of orthopaedic surgery and to attempt to improve such instruments and appliances for the special needs of this country.

    2.14 To make rules, regulations and byelaws and to delete, change or add to the same as and when necessary, conductive to the attainment of all on any of the objectives of the association.

    2.15 To initiate any other programme which may be decided on from time to time.

    2.16 The association shall function in accordance with the rules and regulations, a copy thereof is filled herewith duly certified in the prescribed manner.

  • Management / Governing Body
  • The management / Governing body of the association would be Executive Committee. The rules and regulations of the society are entrusted to this committee for the duration of the office. The management of the affairs of association is entrusted to the executive committee which will consist of the
    • President
    • Immediate Past President
    • President Elect
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Immediate Past Secretary
    • Joint Secretary
    • Fellowship Secretary
    • Editorial Secretary
    • Executive Committee Members

  • Membership

    Membership of the association shall comprise the following categories
    • Life members
    • Associate members
    • Honorary members
    4.1 Life members

    4.1.a. Orthopaedic surgeons from this country who contribute a minimum of Rs 1600/- (Rs.One thousand six hundred only ,(RS 1500/- to the funds of Tamilnadu orthopaedic association and Rs 100/- towards contribution to OASIS) may be elected as Life member of the Association.

    4.1.b. Applicants should have completed Diploma or Master degree or Dip.NB. in Orthopaedic Surgery or Orthopaedic degrees recognised by Medical council of INDIA

    4.1.c. Life members shall have the right to vote,to hold office,to sign referenda and to sign nomination papers.

    4.2 Associate Members

    4.2.a. Any person undergoing postgraduate course in Orthopaedics can apply for Associate membership(ECM 22nd January 2006,Green coconut resort ,Muttukadu,Chennai).

    4.2.b. The subscription for associate membership shall be Rs500/-.

    4.2.c. Associate members should be enrolled before the last date for receiving scientific papers for the conference to become eligible to present paper in the conference.AGM 10/2/2007.Club Melange,Erode).

    4.2.d Associate members shall have the right of attending Scientific meetings and social events and engaging in all scientific discussions.

    4.2.e They shall not attend business meetings.

    4.2.f. They have no voting rights.

    4.2.g. Associate members pay reduced dues and registration fees for the association conference.

    4.2.h. Associate membership shall be valid only until the completion of the postgraduate course after which they have to enrol as Life members of the association for continuation of their membership.

    Cessation of Membership

    Any member wishing to resign membership from the Association shall give notice in writing to the Secretary not less than 3 months before the end of the financial year.
    • Membership amount will not be refunded.
    • Any member whose resignation is requested shall have the right to appeal to the next business meeting of the executive committee provided he makes a written application to the secretary within 14 days of receiving the request.
    Accounts and Finance

    The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in the name of the Association at a Bank / Banks authorized by the Executive Committee.
    • The Secretary shall have charge of all money and assets of the Association
    • All property and money shall be vested in the name of the association
    • The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually
    • The Secretary shall hand over the accounts and assets to the new in-coming Secretary immediately after the expiry of his term.
    • The Secretary shall keep the model funds separately
    Scientific Meetings
    • The scientific Meetings shall be held every year. The venue and dates of the meeting called the Annual meeting of the Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association, shall be decided by Secret Ballot at a business meeting of the Association, but the Executive Committee may after these arrangements under extraordinary circumstances.
    • The Organizing Secretary for the Scientific Meeting will be elected at a business meeting from amongst members of the Association at the venue of the proposed conference.
    • Any member or an Associate of the Association or any other person wishing to present a communication shall furnish three copies of the abstract to the Secretary atleast 4 weeks before the date of the meeting.
    Business Meeting

    The Secretary shall call for the meeting of the Executive Committee members once in 3 months to discuss about the works of the Association. He can send information to all Executive Committee members atleast 3 weeks in advance. The venue and date shall be decided accordingly.

    The proceedings the Executive Committee meeting and necessary information shall be published in News letters by the Secretary and the same shall be sent to members once in 3 months.

    The main official publication of the Association shall be the journal of Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association.

    The Editorial Secretary may be elected once in 2 years will be responsible for publication of the journal.

    • The officers of the Association shall be President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Joint Secretary.
    • Vice President shall be elevated for the post of President Elect and President Elect, shall be elevated for the post of President in the next consecutive year.
    • Vice-President shall be elected annually.
    • Joint Secretary shall be elected once in two years and He shall be elevated for the Post of Secretary after two years.
    • All the Officers shall be Honorary.
    Executive Committee
    • The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Immediate Past Secretary, Joint Secretary, Editorial Secretary, Fellowship Secretary and Elected Executive Committee Members.
    • The term of the Fellowship Secretary and Editorial Secretary and Executive Committee Members shall be two years.
    • Only Life Members are eligible to contest the above all posts.
    • The key posts like President, Secretary, Vice-President will require occupation of any previous executive committee posts.
    Executive Committee Members

    10 Executive Committee Members are to be elected once in 2 years as follows.

    1. Chennai - 2 Members

    2. Madurai - 2 Members

    3. Coimbatore - 1 Member

    4. North Zone - 1 Member

    5. South Zone - 1 Member

    6. West Zone - 1 Member

    7. East Zone - 1 Member

    8. Central Zone - 1 Member

    North Zone will be constituted by

    Chengalpet     Thiruvellore     Dharmapuri

    Thiruvannamalai     Vellore     Kanchipuram

    South Zone will be constituted by

    Thirunelveli     Kanyakumari     Tuticorin

    Ramanathapuram     Virudhunagar     Nagercoil

    West Zone will be constituted by

    Erode     Salem     Namakkal

    Krishnagiri     Karur

    East Zone will be constituted by

    Villupuram     Thanjavur     Nagapattinam

    Pudukottai     South Arcot

    Central Zone will be constituted by

    Trichy     Ariyalur     Dindugal

    Sivagangai     Perambalur
Memorandum of Association
  • The name of the Society shall be, The Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association.

  • The Association shall function in accordance with the rules and regulations, a copy thereof is filed herewith duly certified in the prescribed manner.

  • The names, addresses and the occupations of the Executive Committee to whom, by the rules of the Association, the management of the affairs are entrusted for the duration of their offices consist of the President, the President-Elect and the Secretary.

    The Executive Committee shall be the Governing Body of the Society to whom the rules and regulations of the Society, the management of its affairs is entrusted.

  • Official website of the Association is www.tnortho.org. and the Conference website shall be given a link from the parent website .
Amended Bye Laws Updated 2010
BYELAWS Of The TNOA(Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association )